Program/Accepted Papers

List of accepted papers:

Stretch-BFT: Workload-Adaptive and Stretchable Consensus Protocol for Permissioned Blockchain X. Tong, Z. Zhang, C. Jin, W. Fan, Y. Yang, A. Zhou
An Effective and Robust Transaction Packaging Approach for Multi-leader BFT Blockchain Systems W. Wang, X. Liu, H. Xu, W. Qu
Defending against Poisoning Attacks in Federated Learning from a Spatial-temporal Perspective Z. Gu, J. Shi, L. He, Y. Yang
BlindFilter: Privacy-Preserving Spam Email Detection Using Homomorphic Encryption D. Lee, M. Ahn, H. Kwak, J. Hong, H. Kim
CRIBA: A Tool for Comprehensive Analysis of Cryptographic Ransomware's I/O Behavior T. Esteves, B. Pereira, R. Oliveira, J. Marco, J. Paulo
Range-Based Set Reconciliation A. Meyer
CASPR: Connectivity-Aware Scheduling for Partition Resilience S. Qunaibi, S. Udayashankar, S. Al-Kiswany
TransCAB: Transferable Clean-Annotation Backdoor to Object Detection with Natural Trigger in Real-World H. Ma, Y. Li, Y. Gao, Z. Zhang, A. Abuadbba, A. Fu, S. Al-Sarawi, S. Nepal, D. Abbott
PriSpark: Differential Privacy Enforcement for Big Data Computing in Apache Spark S. Li, Y. Wen, T. Xue, Z. Wang, Y. Wu, D. Meng
GradedDAG: An Asynchronous DAG-based BFT Consensus with Lower Latency X. Dai, Z. Zhang, J. Xiao, J. Yue, X. Xie, H. Jin
Sensor node fault detection in wireless sensor networks utilizing node-level diagnostics D. Widhalm, K. Goeschka, W. Kastner
Transparent Fault Tolerance for Stateful Applications in Kubernetes with Checkpoint/Restore R. Eidenbenz, Z. Rejiba, H. Schmidt, K. Foerster
Subdomain Protection is Needed: An SPF and DMARC-based Empirical Measurement Study and Proactive Solution of Email Security H. Zhang, D. Mi, L. Chen, M. Liu, Y. Shi, Z. Xue
ScalOTA: Scalable Secure Over-the-Air Software Updates for Vehicles A. Shoker, F. Alves, P. Esteves-Verissimo
ALBUS: a Probabilistic Monitoring Algorithm to Counter Burst-Flood Attacks S. Scherrer, J. Vliegen, A. Sateesan, H. Hsiao, N. Mentens, A. Perrig
SilenTower: A Robust, Scalable and Secure Watchtower with Silent Executors M. Xu, Y. Zhang, S. Zhong
Extending the boundaries and exploring the limits of blockchain compression A. Jain, E. Anceaume, S. Gujar
Low-overhead Routing for Off-chain Networks with High Resource Utilization X. Zhang, S. Shi, C. Qian
FreSh: A Lock-Free Data Series Index P. Fatourou, E. Kosmas, T. Palpanas, G. Paterakis
Resource Optimization of Stream Processing in Layered Internet of Things A. Momtaz, R. Medhat, B. Bonakdarpour
Inducing Lattices in Non-Lattice Linear Problems A. Gupta, S. Kulkarni
Detective-Dee: a Non-intrusive In Situ Anomaly Detection and Fault Localization Framework Y. Man, S. Li, W. Xia, Y. Li, B. Yu, Y. Long, Y. Pan
Making Intrusion Tolerance Accessible: A Cloud-Based Hybrid Management Approach to Deploying Resilient Systems M. Khan, A. Babay